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Every company, regardless of size, should have an insider risk management playbook in place to address the insider threat. The human factor is always in play, mistakes will happen that inadvertently place the company at risk. The other side of the human factor are the malevolent individuals who opt to break trust and willingly push aside their NDAs and in-place IT data handling processes and procedures to knowingly abscond with sensitive data.

Three recent incidents underscore the importance of having an insider risk management playbook:

Ubiquiti’s insider risk mitigation plan pays off

Malicious insider Nikolas Sharp of Ubiquiti stole his company’s data and then attempted to maneuver the post-investigation efforts away from his own actions and to extort from his employer $2 million. While the Ubiquiti team did not stop the exfiltration of the data, once an anomalous activity was discovered, they executed on their mitigation plan, and eventually brought in the FBI to address the criminal aspects of their insider incident.

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