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The Russian invasion of Ukraine has a very visible aspect as we see Ukrainians stand and fight the Russian military might. The geopolitical landscape is changing by the hour, as more governments take action to restrict Russia’s ability to wage war. Two aspects of the conflict have percolated to the top. These are the “information war” and the “war on information.” The actions of governments are creating a conundrum, for some, of business or conscience.

Directives and requests will come from the CEO/board. It will be the CIO, CISO and biz ops who will shoulder the implementation.

“Whether tech companies want to be or not, many now have to decide what role they play in a geopolitical conflict—in some cases for the first time. Geopolitics and technology have always been linked so decisions must be based on corporate culture and values. It is not enough to stay neutral, by the way, as neutrality is still a choice and still has implications, and the world is watching,” observes John Stewart, president, Talons Ventures, and cybersecurity career executive.

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