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The internet’s greatest feat? Fundamentally shifting how we live. Once a revelation, it quickly set our long-standing beliefs about how we work, play, and connect into a whole new context. 

Today, the shifts come fast. Video meetings once felt alien. Now, they’re part of our routine. We’ve gone from setting doctor’s appointments online to actually seeing the doctor online—and from family visits to seeing everyone in seconds on a screen.  

At McAfee, we’ve seen our share of shifts as well. Looking back across our thirty-plus years, we were among the first to deliver antivirus technology. First to create a biometric password manager. First to give people an intuitive Protection Score, and so much more. And we’re not stopping. We’re protecting people and their ever-changing lives. That means covering all your life online, from security to privacy to identity, in a way that adds to your confidence and enjoyment too. 

Confidence and enjoyment. Those two words mark our next shift in online protection. We’re bringing those feelings to life across the McAfee experience. And it’ll redefine the way you stay safe online.  

Safety has an unmistakable feeling. As we bring that feeling to online protection, you’ll see a remarkable evolution. It will look and act in bold new ways, guide you, reassure you, and most importantly, keep you safe. In all, it’s a new breed of online protection that’s helpful, even thoughtful, in the ways it looks out for you. 

And this evolution is already underway. You’ll find that feeling in everyday moments as we make them simpler, freer, and safer—such as paying your bills at a coffee shop, managing your family’s healthcare from your laptop, and booking flights to catch up with old friends. Across them all, our protection will have your back, and even offer guidance when needed, all while you do you—wherever your day takes you and no matter what “online” looks like next. 

There’s simply so much to see out there. And with us by your side, you’ll feel safe and stay that way. Life online will continue to surprise us. In the best of ways. And people have a right to enjoy every moment of it, confident that they’re safe and secure, in ways they can point to and feel.  

That’s our next big shift. Giving you the unmistakable feeling of safety. You deserve it. More than that, it’s your right. And we’re proud to bring it to you. 

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