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The hacker group that recently broke into systems belonging to graphics chip maker Nvidia has released two of the company’s old code-signing certificates. Researchers warn the drivers could be used to sign kernel-level malware and load it on systems that have driver signature verification.

The certificates were part of a large cache of files that hackers claim totals 1TB and includes source code and API documentation for GPU drivers. Nvidia confirmed it was the target of an intrusion and that the hackers took “employee passwords and some Nvidia proprietary information,” but did not confirm the size of the data breach.

What happened with the Nvidia data breach?

On February 24 an extortion group calling itself LAPSUS$ claimed publicly that it had administrative access to multiple Nvidia systems for around a week and managed to exfiltrate 1TB of data including hardware schematics, driver source code, firmware, documentation, private tools and SDKs, and “everything about Falcon” — a hardware security technology embedded in Nvidia GPUs that’s meant to prevent those GPUs from being misprogrammed.

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