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You’ve been given the task for 2022 to start a pilot project for deploying and managing Windows 11.  Any platform is only as secure as how well you can manage it. Microsoft has stated that managing Windows 11 will be just like managing Windows 10. However, some distinct nuances in management may make you reconsider the security management tools that you’ll use for Windows 11 and possibly even Windows 10.

Many firms use a traditional Active Directory infrastructure to manage a mixture of Windows machines – for example, Group Policy to manage security settings as well as to set security settings for Windows Software Update Services or Windows Update for Business.  As a recent Microsoft blog noted, you may need to determine which ADMX templates you need to deploy in your Group Policy central store. If your firm will be staying on Windows 10 for the near future, it’s recommended that you stay with Windows 10 ADMX templates rather than installing and using the Windows 11 templates. If you will be primarily using Windows 11, even if you still have some machines on Windows 10, you’ll want to roll out the Windows 11 ADMX templates.

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