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Access bypass

Drupal’s JSON:API and REST/File modules allow file uploads through their HTTP APIs. The modules do not correctly run all file validation, which causes an access bypass vulnerability. An attacker might be able to upload files that bypass the file validation process implemented by modules on the site.

This vulnerability is mitigated by three factors:

The JSON:API or REST File upload modules must be enabled on the site.
An attacker must have access to a file upload via JSON:API or REST.
The site must employ a file validation module.

This advisory is not covered by Drupal Steward.

Also see GraphQL – Moderately critical – Access bypass – SA-CONTRIB-2021-029 which addresses a similar vulnerability for that module.


Install the latest version:

If you are using Drupal 9.2, update to Drupal 9.2.6.
If you are using Drupal 9.1, update to Drupal 9.1.13.
If you are using Drupal 8.9, update to Drupal 8.9.19.

Versions of Drupal 8 prior to 8.9.x and versions of Drupal 9 prior to 9.1.x are end-of-life and do not receive security coverage.

Drupal 7 core is not affected.

Reported By: 
Fixed By: 
Klaus Purer
Lee Rowlands of the Drupal Security Team
Alex Pott of the Drupal Security Team
Jess of the Drupal Security Team
Samuel Mortenson
Drew Webber of the Drupal Security Team
Kim Pepper

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