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update to 117.0.5938.132. Fixes following security issues:

CVE-2023-5129 CVE-2023-5186

Update to 117.0.5938.92.

update to 117.0.5938.88

update to 117.0.5938.62. Fixes following security issues:

CVE-2023-4900 CVE-2023-4901 CVE-2023-4902 CVE-2023-4903 CVE-2023-4904
CVE-2023-4905 CVE-2023-4906 CVE-2023-4907 CVE-2023-4908 CVE-2023-4909

update to 116.0.5845.187. Fixes following security issue: CVE-2023-4863

update to 116.0.5845.179. Fixes following security issues:
CVE-2023-4427 CVE-2023-4428 CVE-2023-4429 CVE-2023-4430 CVE-2023-4431 CVE-2023-4572 CVE-2023-4761 CVE-2023-4762 CVE-2023-4763 CVE-2023-4764

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