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Fix large memory allocation when uploading content.
Fix scrolling after a history navigation with PSON enabled.
Always update the active uri of WebKitFrame.
Fix several crashes and rendering issues.
Security fixes: CVE-2023-23529

Improve GStreamer multimedia playback across the board with improved codec selection logic, better handling of latency, and improving frame discard to avoid audio/video desynchronization, among other fixes.
Disable HLS media playback by default, which makes web sites use MSE instead. If needed WEBKIT_GST_ENABLE_HLS_SUPPORT=1 can be set in the environment to enable it back.
Disable threaded rendering in GTK4 builds by default, as it was causing crashes.
Fix MediaSession API not showing artwork images.
Fix MediaSession MPRIS usage when running inside a Flatpak sandbox.
Fix input element controls to correctly scale when applying a zoom factor different than the default.
Fix leakage of Web processes in certain situations.
Fix several crashes and rendering issues.
Security fixes: CVE-2023-23517, CVE-2023-23518, CVE-2022-42826, and many additional security issues

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